No Depression

The alt-country highway is marked by horseshoes and heavy boots. Add those of Daniel Hutchens to the road. Lovesongs for Losers is the man’s latest, a stripped-down collection of acoustic jams that reference The Shining and Steve Earle alike. Hutchens has the whiskey-throated singer thing down pat, and his guitar work is equally gritty. It’s no surprise that the record is out on Autumn Tone Records, the label side of the always excellent blog An Aquarium Drunkard (the proprietor of which, full disclosure, is a friend of mine and sent me this record. But in all seriousness, he’s probably got better taste than I do).

Daniel Hutchens – “Dharma Knife”: mp3
Daniel Hutchens – “Underground Cafe, 1923”: mp3

(Lovesongs For Losers was released in 2006 on Autumn Tone Records)