Cuban Linx #10

USA Today has a great article about what China’s music piracy means for the American music industry. First person at a major label to read this and get on the ball before they all go broke is going to have a hell of a head start.

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has convinced me to pick up Rob Sheffield’s new book, Love is a Mixtape.

According to Billboard, 74 million votes were cast in anointing Jordin Sparks this season’s American Idol winner. Sparks didn’t receive all of those votes, of course, but it’s pretty unbelievable to consider that it’s a higher total than the amount of votes cast for President Bush in the 2004 election. American Idol, indeed. That said, it’s also probably about 73.9 million more than the amount of people that will actually shell out for Sparks’ album in six months.

I saw the Clientele last night, and apparently a Pitchfork photographer did, too. Tell you what, he got better shots than I did…

The A.V. Club reviewed Lewis & Clarke’s excellent, excellent sophomore album, Blasts of Holy Birth. They might like it even more than I do. Get a taste of it below.

Lewis & Clarke – “Before It Breaks You”: mp3

(Blasts of Holy Birth is out now on L&C’s own label, La Société Expéditionnaire — support them!)


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