Cuban Linx #11

Courtesy of Peter Beste/Sub Pop

Loney, Dear is playing at the Troubadour tonight. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the show but you guys should go and have a good time. Loney, Noir is one of my favorites of ’07.

Loney, Dear – “I Am John”: mp3


Pop Headwound is compiling a list of the top 10 rare Spoon tracks. Part 1 is here.

Both TIME and the New York Times have articles about how the music industry “missed the boat” with the Internet — and now they’re paying the price.

Self-Promotion: I’m now freelancing for You can read my first article, a feature on the film Hostel: Part II, here. I’ve been doing a fair bit of writing for the Daily Bruin recently as well – here’s my interview with Autumn Reeser of The OC (!) and a column on how Britney Spears needs to (seriously) save the music industry. I used the phrase “death throes” before the New York Times did!


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