Cuban Linx #7

Danny Nichols – my generation’s (Jewish) Dave Matthews Band / photo by David Greenwald

EXCLUSIVE: Animal Collective’s new album is due in September and watermarked promos go out in May, so look for a leak in early summer. (Suck it, Pitchfork!)

I realize that a white rock writer’s indie-pop blog probably isn’t the best place to debate this, but what do you think about Russell Simmon’s interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he elaborates on his new “guidelines for hip-hop?” It seems contradictory to me to leave words like “bitch” and “ho” on rap albums because rap listeners understand the context but to censor them from radio and TV. People who listen to the radio and watch BET don’t buy rap albums?

“Kids today” Department: Is the experience of young music fans now merely a 24-hour Best New Music-fueled leakfest? (*nods head, shrugs*) And what does this mean for us rock scribes? Read what Simon Reynolds and Pitchfork’s Scott Plagenhoef have to say here. There’s a joke to be made here regarding the Radiohead being “my generation’s Arcade Fire,” but it’s too depressing. (By extension, are Dave Matthews Band my generation’s Shins? I hope not.) (By way of Catbirdseat)

I didn’t go to Coachella, but my writers at the Daily Bruin did. Our two-part festival diary starts here and ends here.


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