Cuban Linx #9

Got any bright ideas? Photo by David Greenwald

A pair of great stories in the New York Times this week: The truly inspired “Sex, Drugs and Updating Your Blog” documents the travails of increasingly networked, overly blog-buzzed rock bands, while “Mexico City’s Indie Rock, Now Playing to the World” discusses the country’s burgeoning indie scene, including a chat with Broken Social Scene acolytes Chikita Violenta (who I blogged about here).

Pitchfork gives one of the best albums of the year a disappointly narrow-minded review — meanwhile, two Deerhunter releases and a Joanna Newsom EP with one new song have made Best New Music this year. Look for a Rawking Refuses To Stop! Deerhunter backlash post when I get a minute.

Pick Hillary Clinton’s campaign song. I went with Jesus Jones’ “Right Here, Right Now.”

My bro-for-life Ryan Adams apparently likes Linkin Park and the Fray, at least enough to put them on his iTunes playlist, according to Stereogum. Ry-Ry makes a pretty unbelievable Sartre reference while talking about “Don’t Stop Believin,'” which is obviously the stand-out pick here.

Hear the best, most Motown-appropriating song from Spoon’s upcoming Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga on Hype Machine.


Cuban Linx: Because I can’t post everything myself.