Cuban Linx #13

Division Day / photo by David Greenwald

Rock Insider reports that the Los Angeles-based group Division Day has signed to Eenie Meenie Records (home of Irving, Great Northern, etc.). Which is good news, if only because it means Beartrap Island (my 22nd favorite album of 2006 — should’ve been in the top 20) will be re-released and heard by more ears. I still don’t understand why these guys haven’t taken off yet — they’re not as uptempo as similar groups such as Interpol and Bloc Party, but the songs are certainly on par. (More of my Division Day photos and a concert review are here.)

Division Day – “Lights Out”: mp3

Idolator takes an impressive look at how and why Sgt. Pepper is slowly being usurped by Revolver at the top of the Beatles canon. I’m a White Album guy, myself.

I’ve started reading the Village Voice in preparation for my jaunt to NYC and I’ve been enjoying Tom Breihan’s blog, Status Ain’t Hood, in particular. Last week he had some interesting thoughts about “singing cyborg” Rihanna and the state of R&B.

Grapple Juice is a new blog billing itself as an “indie music hub” — which translates to an ongoing list of links to good posts and blogs across the web (disclosure: mine included!). Seems like a good idea to me, considering I’m making one of those lists … right … now.

Self-promotion: Wikipedia is using one of my Will Sheff photos on the Okkervil River page. Seems like a good enough reason to check out the rest, huh? Also, I wrote my final Daily Bruin article, a -30- column — a look back at my four years with the paper.


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