Cuban Linx #15

Lullabyes has a live set by Art in Manila, the great new band of Orenda Fink (ex-Azure Ray).

The New York Times has an article about THE REDEMPTION OF RYAN ADAMS and how now that he’s not on drugs, he’s a better musician. And also his last few albums are spotty and he hasn’t made a consistent album since Heartbreaker and Gold. All of these are lies — critics will never understand Ryan. That said, I’m glad he’s not doing drugs any more. (Read some of my thoughts on Easy Tiger here and here.)

Good Hodgkins has some great photos of The National, one of indie-rock’s most photogenic bands.

Deity-like Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich has released some “bits of tape” from the band’s new album. The clips (available over on A Reminder) sound great, even if they’re just a few seconds. I couldn’t be more excited about this album.

A new Sufjan Stevens 50 states album, this time about Oregon? Gorilla Vs. Bear has some details, but oops! Stereogum says it’s a fake.

Sufjan Stevens – “Chicago” (live): mp3


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