Cuban Linx #16: Best of the Blogs Edition

Despite some trash-talking by you guys, I still like this logo…it being the album that birthed the column’s name and all.

Like you, dear reader, I scroll through more blogs than I know what to do with. While most of the songs I end up downloading aren’t quite as good as their well-meaning posters make them out to be, there’s nothing wrong with that – they convinced me to right-click the tracks, after all. But there are plenty of winners to be found among the flood of MP3s hitting Hype Machine every day, and so Best of the Blogs editions of Cuban Linx will post the most interesting of my finds and links to the posts where I discovered them.

The Museum Pieces – “Passage to India”: mp3
(via Shake Your Fist)

Club 8 – “Whatever You Want”: mp3
(via Skatterbrain)

Sea Wolf – “You’re a Wolf”: mp3
(via Rock Insider)

And one last Bonnaroo link — don’t miss the coverage by John Roderick of the Long Winters, who blogged the whole thing for MSNBC. He’s a great musician and a stand-up guy, so it’s interesting to see his perspective on the festival.


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