Los Angeles Concert Update

Minus Story / Photo by David Greenwald

Hey L.A. kids — you may have noticed the lack of concert calendar this month, for which I apologize. I haven’t been going to shows because I’ve been writing papers, taking finals and (minus one class I still have to finish up in the fall) graduating college. I’m done on Friday!

But just because I’m not having fun doesn’t mean you can’t. Rawkblog pal An Aquarium Drunkard is sponsoring a pair of shows you should check out: The Mother Hips with the highly underrated folk group Travel By Sea tonight at the Echoplex for free, and Shearwater with Jamie Stewart (of Xiu Xiu) and Minus Story (!) on Tuesday the 19th. Helluva bill if you ask me — Minus Story put on a great show and they’re only the first opener. Head over to the Drunkard for the details and to win tickets to the Shearwater gig.

Meanwhile, I’m leaving town for New York next week. I’ll be there all summer but I’ll keep up with the L.A. show dates so you can tell me how good the shows I’m missing were. The last thing New York needs is another blogger writing about the Bowery Ballroom, right? But who knows, if you guys think the Big Apple needs MOAR TOUR DATE BLOGGING, I’ll see what I can do.

Shearwater – “Red Sea, Black Sea” (expanded edition version): mp3
Minus Story – “Stitch Me Up”: mp3
Travel By Sea – “I Won’t Let You Down”: mp3

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Los Angeles Show Calendar is pretty self-explanatory. Click below for more.