Shh … This is a Library: Smiling like their hair isn’t messy

Courtesy of I Had An Accident Records

In a year seemingly without a left-field, where every album I like is by bands I already know by heart (Wilco, Spoon, The National…), we have Shh…This is a Library. The band plays a mix of sleepy ambient/folk instrumentals and hushed, lo-fi indie-folk in the vein of Lullaby for the Working Class or Akron/Family. There’s a lot of fuzz around the edges of these songs, making for an interesting tension with the beauty of the musicianship.

The self-titled release is an impressive debut; it’s also one that’s already out of print after an initial 50-copy (!) pressing. I Had An Accident Records is going to make a few more, and considering they’ll have hand-painted covers, the profits are going to charity and they’re only seven bucks, you should snap it up ASAP. Listen to these two tracks in a row, they fade into each other pretty awesomely.

Shh…This is a Library – “I Think I Know What This Might Be”: mp3
Shh…This is a Library – “You Smile Like Your Hair Isn’t Messy”: mp3

(Shh…This is a Library is out now on I Had An Accident Records)


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