Cuban Linx #20

I don’t even know what to say about this, except for “me too, man.”

Motel de Moka has yet another great playlist, this time with choice cuts from Getz/Gilberto and Louis Armstrong – “Hello Dolly,” a song close to my heart. Coincidentally, I ate lunch at Hello Deli on Broadway yesterday and ordered an “Entertainment Weekly” sandwich. It wasn’t as entertaining as I was expecting, but that’s turkey on sourdough for ya.

Status Ain’t Hood writes about the music industry’s increasingly inevitable implosion, this time thanks to Universal declining to renew its iTunes contract.

The Catbirdseat overheard an unbelievably funny (and depressingly realistic) conversation about our modern indie-rock heroes. Kids these days.

Lastly, in case you guys RSS-ing at home didn’t notice, the Rawkblog just went through a massive redesign. What do you think?


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