Cuban Linx #24: Rocky Votolato, Al Green and the Spider-Man Stamps

Rocky Votolato / photo by chona kasinger

Evolving alt-country musician Rocky Votolato stopped by An Aquarium Drunkard’s radio show recently and played a few songs. I reviewed Votolato’s The Brag & Cuss for Cokemachineglow here.

Rocky Votolato – “Postcard from Kentucky”: mp3

Al Green – easily my favorite soul musician – is working on a new album with the Roots, Billboard reports.

I’m not much of a stamp collector, but I do have that set of classic superheroes that DC put out a while back. Now, notes, I can do the same for Spidey and the gang. Sensational. (Insert bad joke about Spider-Man sticking to envelopes and walls here.)

Self-promotion: Pick up this week’s Entertainment Weekly (the one with The Simpsons on the cover) and have a look at page 16.


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