Cuban Linx #25: Devendra, Animal Collective, Jon Brion and, uh, Jane Austen

Devendra Banhart with Andy Cabic / photo by David Greenwald (more here)

Color me excited for the new Devendra Banhart record after hearing the hot jamz streaming on his MySpace. Jack White wishes he was half this cool (and hairy).

Easily Fooled writes about one of last weekend’s Jon Brion shows.

I Guess I’m Floating has a new Animal Collective bootleg, in which the band plays post-Strawberry Jam songs. I suppose this is how you deal with your album leaking three months early.

The New York Times writes about the unsurprising Jane Austen pop culture resurgence. I was an English major as well as a sensitive dude (which I remain, as far as I can tell), so it’s hard not to be a fan, but honestly anything that gets prettiest-actress-alive Anne Hathaway a starring role (in period garb, no less) is just fine by me.


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