Demos: Ben Folds – 1990 Solo Demo

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(Update: The mp3 links are down.)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about Ben Folds, but the guy (and his old band, Ben Folds Five) has lost none of my esteem. Okay, maybe a little bit of my esteem. But the old records still hold up; all three of the BFF (probably the most apt acronym evs) albums remain flat-out great. So it’s with great joy that I can share with you Folds’ pre-Five demos, many of which ended up re-done on the group’s various recordings. His voice is a little rough, but all the elements of the band’s future greatness are there: the unchained melodies, the blankets of harmony, the punk-rock humor and vivacity.

Ben Folds – 1990 Solo Demo

1. Best Imitation of Myself: mp3
2. Kalamazoo: mp3
3. Uncle Walter: mp3
4. Clueless: mp3
5. My Dog: mp3
6. Fair: mp3
7. Burning: mp3
8. Video: mp3
9. Jackson Cannery: mp3
10. Tom & Mary: mp3
11. Half Asleep: mp3
12. Situation: mp3
13. Underground: mp3
14. Emaline: mp3
15. Lydian Song: mp3
16. Sports and Wine: mp3
17. Where’s Bohemia: mp3
18. I Paid My Money: mp3

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