Flowers and Brimstone

As one can imagine, the Flowers of Hell are a band both fragrant and strange. The instrumental psych-rock group ranges from Velvet Underground-referencing pseudo rave-ups (“Sympathy for Vengeance”) to slower, Eastern-influenced songs (the aptly titled “Foreign Lands,” which I suppose is still VU referencing) and more celebratory numbers that almost echo Belle & Sebastian’s horn-driven chamber pop (“The Joy of Sleeping”).

Nothing here is dark or doom-laden enough to warrant their fiery moniker; nevertheless, the Flowers by any other name would still smell just as sweet.

(Photo courtesy of Ian Miller)

The Flowers of Hell – “Sympathy for Vengeance“: mp3

(The Flowers of Hell is out now on Earworm Records, which is apparently going broke – but you can pick it up from here)


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