Live: Arthurfest, Day 1

Sleater-Kinney / All photos by David Greenwald

The Arthur Magazine-sponsored Arthurfest only happened once. Which is a damn shame. You can read a full diary of my experiences at the 2005 festival on Cokemachineglow here and here; if you’ve already read that, you’ve seen some of these photos, too. But here they are in their full 580px by 400px glory.

The Black Keys

Sonic Youth, Radar Bros., MP3s and more after the jump. [Continue reading…]

Some crowd, huh? It was 1 p.m. and nobody was there yet.

The Night Porter

Radar Bros.

The Magik Markers. Girl was crazy. This was during their epic noise jam.


Lavender Diamond (more photos here).

Josephine Foster

Sonic Youth doing tunes from the just-released Sonic Nurse. Unfortunately, the festival was plagued by bad bass sound and the Youf were hard to properly enjoy.

Sonic Youth – “Peace Attack”: mp3
Sleater-Kinney – “Jumpers”: mp3

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