Live Recordings: Thom Yorke @ The Bridge School Benefit – 10.26.02

Thom Yorke in 2009. Photo by David Greenwald

There’s no need to provide an introduction for Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, much less attempt to describe his heart-shattering talent. Look upon his records, ye mighty, and despair. He’s no less impressive in concert — I’ve seen him with Radiohead twice, but perhaps even better (or at least more human) are his occasional solo performances. It’s incredible to hear the complexity and atmosphere of Radiohead distilled into a voice and guitar, or a voice and piano. When it’s Yorke’s voice, not even a drop of emotion is lost in translation. His cover of Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” — at Young’s own benefit concert — is a particularly poignant moment from this performance.

Thom Yorke @ The Bridge School Benefit – 10.26.02 (Night 1 of 2) | mirror

1. Intro
2. Everything In Its Right Place
3. I Might Be Wrong
4. Sail to the Moon
5. Like Spinning Plates
6. There There
7. Pyramid Song
8. Lucky
9. After the Gold Rush (Neil Young cover)

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