Mixtape: Sick Songs

Photo by leonorjr

I still haven’t gotten a phone call about it, but I heard through the grapevine that the new Michael Moore flick is about getting sick or something. In that spirit, here are some selections organized around the theme of illness.

Boris – Vomitself
A glacial epic from the Japanese sludge-rockers’ magnum opus of glacial epics, 1998’s Amplifier Worship

Madvillain – Sickfit
More cut-and-paste hip-hop mastery from Madlib, this one from 2004’s dizzying Madvillainy

Iron & Wine – Fever Dream
Our Endless Numbered Days had a lot of fans, but this track had its detractors. Not me, though; I still think it one of his finest.

MIA – Bird Flu (Diplo Remix)
Stomps and blasts like only a Diplo/MIA collab can.


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