Oeuvreblogs, Ryan Adams, Etc.

photo by miloszhabura

Want to read what Matthew “Fluxblog” Perpetua has to say about every R.E.M. song ever? Click here. Pop Songs 07 is apparently one among many so-called “oeuvreblogs,” or blogs that write about the music of one particular band or artist. It almost makes me want to start one for Ryan Adams, but I suppose I can just keep writing about him right here, eh guys?

Speaking of which – there are a pair of Japan-only Easy Tiger bonus tracks floating around and one of them, “Alice,” is the prettiest song he’s done in quite a while. With just a single guitar to back Ryan’s soft, trembling voice, it’s also the simplest, showcasing the man’s sheer songwriting and performative abilities.

Ryan Adams – “Alice”: mp3


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