Preview: Radiohead – LP7

Photo by mdmanit

We don’t know much about the new Radiohead album. Not its title, not its tracklist, and definitely not a release date. But we do know a few things: longtime producer Nigel Godrich was involved, and the band was in New York last week mastering it. Presumably all we’re waiting on is for somebody to hand the band the best contract in music history and then maybe we’ll get a release date. It’s been a long time. Hail to the Thief was released in 2003, just before I started college; by the time the new one comes out, I’ll be have my degree in hand and be looking for a real job. I was also single the last time the best band in the world put out an album, but that’s a parallel I won’t go into.

What I will note is that the band did go tour last summer (I saw ’em) and play an album’s worth of new songs live. Radiohead having the rabid fanbase that it does, bootlegs from the tour are easy to come by. And so, we can now present to you a glimpse at what LP7 might sound like with a compilation of the best versions of the new songs. Let us know if we’re missing a particularly great performance. I’ve arranged in this in what I wouldn’t mind hearing as a possible album order, but by no means whatsoever is it official.

Radiohead – LP7 Live Compilation

1. Bodysnatchers: mp3
2. Down is the New Up: mp3
3. Arpeggi: mp3
4. Videotape: mp3
5. Bangers and Mash: mp3
6. All I Need: mp3
7. House of Cards: mp3
8. Spooks: mp3
9. 15 Step: mp3
10. 4 Minute Warning: mp3
11. Go Slowly: mp3
12. Open Pick: mp3
13. Nude: mp3

Sounds pretty great when you put ’em all together, huh? I hope the band loses “4 Minute Warning” – a bit bland, considering the other prospects – and “Go Slowly” – a song I liked better when it was called “Street Spirit” – but other than that, this is a fantastic set of songs. Get excited.

Thom Yorke at the Bridge School Benefit, 10.26.02
Thom Yorke at the Bridge School Benefit, 10.27.02


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