This Week’s Recommended Releases, 7/10

Photo by David Greenwald

Big day, fellas. Big day. I have to go with Spoon, my AOTY frontrunner, as the #1 pick – I’ve written about why here and here. But as far as “Super Tuesdays” go, this one’s the best in as long as I can remember. I’ll also recommend St. Vincent – Marry Me (which I wrote about here) and Justice – †. Even the Interpol album is pretty good, but if you can only buy one album this week, go with the dudes named after a utensil.

Spoon – “The Underdog”: mp3
St. Vincent – “Now. Now.”: mp3

And my favorite track from the Justice record (and the one drawing the most ire, thanks to its cheeky singer):

Justice – “The Party (ft. Uffie)”: mp3

(These albums are out today on Merge, Beggars Banquet and Ed Banger, respectively)

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