This Week’s Recommended Releases, 7/17/07

Photo by Chimpola

Today I’ll recommend you pick up the retooled Those the Brokes, the sophomore album by the Magic Numbers – a classicist UK guitar pop band that’s been happily breaking my heart since their 2005 debut. The new record was a bit heavy on the ballads when it came out overseas; since then, they’ve jumped labels (from Capitol to Astralwerks) and, unfortunately, shaved “Carl’s Song” and the inoffensive “Most of the Time” instead of the utterly useless ballad “Take Me or Leave Me,” a track that squanders a serene Robert Kirby arrangement with a poor lead vocal and trite lyrics. The band sounds best when they’re strumming at full tilt and singing their hearts out, and at least half of this album finds them doing exactly that.

Not the strongest of endorsements, I know. Maybe you should pick up the superior, self-titled debut instead — if you need convincing, I reviewed it a while back. But hop on your favorite file-sharing network and get “Carl’s Song,” too. Here’s the video for the best of the new material, “This is a Song.” Unbelievable harmonies.

(Those the Brokes is out now on Astralwerks)

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