Time for a Bro Sesh

(Editor’s note: You may remember Greg – better known as gkla — as the DJ behind these two mixes. He’s also a hell of a blogger and a charming radio personality in addition to having immaculate taste. Enjoy this and his future posts and please give him a warm welcome to The Rawking Refuses To Stop!)


New York rockers Guyz Nite‘s schtick straddles the line between affectionate homage and brutal mockery. As you may have picked up from the name, their main subjects are a) the concept of being bros and b) the things you do with your bros – whether that means watchin’ the game, flying wingman, or going to catch the latest film in the Die Hard franchise.

The latter is the subject of Guyz Nite’s aptly titled track, “Die Hard,” which recaps the plots of the first three films, coupled with the bridge “Yippee ki yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay/motherfucker.” The heroic Andrew WK-meets-Sum 41 choruses are both awesome and timely.

Guyz Nite – “Die Hard”: mp3

(Apologies for the low-qual MP3, but the alternative was paying an outrageous $2.99 to download it. I can’t think of any song worth $2.99.) (Well, one exception.)