Cuban Linx #26: 50 Cent, Summer Movies, August Songs’s PopWatch weighs in pretty hilariously on the new 50 Cent/Justin Timberlake/Timbaland video. Me, I’m just laughing at Fitty clinging to JT for dear life while their careers shoot off in opposite directions. Guess the guy’s still got Vitamin Water.

The New York Times calls Anne Hathawayalmost too pretty for the role” of Jane Austen, which makes me want to see Becoming Jane despite the glaringly male-obligating arrival of The Bourne Ultimatum in theaters over the weekend. I saw The Simpsons and Who’s Your Caddy? last week for work; to put it generously, both were about as good as I expected them to be. I was impressed by Big Boi’s charisma, though.

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands put together a really solid August mix.


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