Cuban Linx #28: Zabar’s, Michael Cera and "Trapped in the Closet"

Photo by David Greenwald

The New York Times writes about Life With Zabar’s at the Epicenter, an article about the Upper West Side that must have been written just for me because I live two blocks away and buy as much lox there as my parents can afford.

New York Magazine interviews Michael Cera, who at 19 is a gentleman, a scholar and the star of his own online TV show, which I love dearly. And we both love Beulah dearly! Ah, to be young. He’s also in this weekend’s Superbad, which I’ll be standing in line for as soon as I finish seeing the National at South Street Seaport on Friday. (Did I mention the National are playing at South Street Seaport on Friday?!)

New chapters of R. Kelly’s epic “Trapped in the Closet” are premiering on every day – Chapter 13 is up first, and while it doesn’t match the genius of Chapters 1-12, hopefully it’s just a prelude to some of that Oh shit!


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