Cuban Linx #31 LOLZ EDITION: Superbad, Walk Hard, Tom Green

This trailer is R-rated. No shit.

I saw Superbad over the weekend (did you? Samesies!) and laughed harder in the first half-hour than I have at any movie I’ve seen in years. The second act’s ridiculous cop subplot was an unnecessary detour as we waited for the guys to inevitably arrive at the party, but it was a great movie nonetheless. The depiction of life as a senior in high school was spot-on and Michael Cera and Jonah Hill were both in fine form.

Nearly as good was the trailer for Walk Hard, John C. Reilly’s Walk the Line parody. Hopefully this’ll be a solid role for The Office’s Jenna Fischer, who’s way too talented to be in another Blades of Glory.

Apparently Tom Green – the funniest guy alive for a few months when I was 14, about the same time blink-182 was the world’s best band – didn’t drop off the face of the Earth, he just went online and started a new talk show. (New York Times)


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