How to Party Responsibly

Judging by his music, Calvin Harris knows how to party. If LCD Soundsystem dampens the fun of his dance-rock by finessing it with art and irony, Harris throws the same sounds in a blender with some ice and tequila and serves them up in glasses with little umbrellas. He’s trying to get all of England to party simultaneously (hipster flashmob!) and could end up playing at your house, Daft Punk-style, but dude apparently got some criticism from the No-Fun Patrol and released this semi-PSA in response.

Harris spends this video talking about more nothing than a season of Seinfeld; this post is really just an excuse to post “Acceptable in the ’80s” again. Nothing says “It’s Friday” better than I’VE GOT HUGZ 4 U IF U WERE BORN IN THE AY-TEES.

Calvin Harris – “Acceptable in the ’80s”: mp3

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