More Juggers

More on the Midnight Juggernauts, three Aussie lads who Justice have called their “favorite new band”:

Well, the LP Dystopia is out in Australia (still no US release date, though the band’s MySpace says “coming soon”) and it’s pretty tremendous. It starts off a little slow – and actually quite goofy – but quickly heats up to be both a sonically brilliant and impressively sad dance music record. Tracks like exuberant and morose “Road to Recovery,” tense and glistening “Twenty Thousand Leagues,” and relentless “Tombstone” fulfill the band’s promise of an album both cathartic and thrilling.

Hearing the album makes me reflect a little on the silly moniker “new rave” that was being tossed around when the Klaxons‘ EP dropped late last year. It actually describes Dystopia quite nicely even if it fits absolutely nothing else; the album borrows liberally and evenly from both house and new wave. And after all, it is perfectly understandable to synthesize the two genres – Daft Punk and New Order weren’t that different to begin with.

Midnight Juggernauts – “Twenty Thousand Leagues”: mp3


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