More Like Devendra Beardhart…

Devendra Banhart with Andy Cabic / photo by David Greenwald (more here)

…amirite? Anyway, the guy who invented freak-folk (in that “Al Gore invented the Internet” kind of way) has a new record coming in September, he’s streaming two tracks a week on his MySpace, he has incredible facial hair – you know the drill. But judging by what we’ve heard so far, this could be Devendra’s best album yet. The single, “Seahorse,” is eight minutes of glorious twists and turns that make M. Ward look like Mr. Rogers, especially once it goes into the Dave Brubeck section about two minutes in. I have to give credit to the guy: at no point in his career has he at all compromised his muse or given in to to the art-killing demons that success like his certainly brings. Devendra makes the music that Devendra wants to make, and he just keeps getting better at it.

Devendra Banhart – “Seahorse”: mp3

(Smoking Doobies With Andy Cabic – er, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon – is due Sept. 25 on XL)


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