This Week’s Movies in L.A., 8/3/07-8/9/07

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(This is a weekly one-stop resource for movies screening in L.A., with Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic averages, showtimes and more. Almost all of these movies are also either currently screening outside of L.A. or will be in the near future.)

Instead of the what-it’s-like-on-the-ground approach taken by the many Iraq documentaries thus far, No End in Sight attempts a more historical, and even bipartisan, overview of the whole bloody affair, and has received perhaps the best critical reception of any Iraq doc yet released (with the possible exception of last year’s Iraq in Fragments). It is said to be a painfully thorough indictment of the Bush administration’s mishandling of the war, regardless of whether one supports the idea behind it or not. After hitting New York first, it opens this week in L.A. Also opening this week to great reviews are skinhead drama This is England and, of course, The Bourne Ultimatum.

And opening to unsurprisingly terrible reviews is El Cantante, starring Marc Anthony in the biopic about the life of legendary salsa singer Hector Lavoe. The always unbearable J-Lo co-stars. At least the musical performances, as A. O. Scott writes, should be noteworthy.

Hector Lavoe – “El Cantante”: mp3


Note: RT and MC scores frequently change. Click on the movie titles for showtimes.

Avg. – RT – MC
96.0 – 9696Ratatouille
92.5 – 9788Once
92.0 – 9589The Lives of Others
88.5 – 9285No End in Sight
88.5 – 9384The Bourne Ultimatum
88.0 – 9185Knocked Up
87.0 – 9381Hairspray
87.0 – 9183This is England
84.5 – 8980The Simpsons Movie
83.5 – 8978Rescue Dawn
83.0 – 9274Sicko
81.5 – 8974Waitress
79.5 – 8277Grindhouse
78.0 – 7581Lady Chatterley

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Avg – RT – MC
88.5 – 9285No End in Sight LAT ‘relentless’LAW ‘Go’CB ‘infuriating’
88.5 – 9384The Bourne Ultimatum LAT ‘frenzied’LAW ‘Go’CB ‘thrilling’
87.0 – 9183This is England LAT ‘stirring’LAW ‘Go’CB ‘not enough’
59.5 – 5762The Ten LAT ‘dreadful’LAW ‘half-baked’CB ‘stale’
59.0 – 6157Becoming Jane LAT ‘over-fictionalized’LAW ‘pleasurable’CB ‘superficial’
57.0 – 5559Laura Smiles LAT ‘forced’LAW ‘Go’
37.5 – 2847El Cantante LAT ‘surface’LAW ‘turgid’CB ‘charming’
37.5 – 3243Hot Rod LAT ‘funny’LAW ‘interminable’CB ‘phony’
16.0 – 0527Bratz LAT ‘depravity’LAW ‘offensive’CB ‘fun’
xx.x – xx – xx – Gandhi, My Father LAT ‘artificial’LAW ‘weak-kneed performance’
xx.x – xx – xx – Underdog
(LAT = L.A. Times; LAW = L.A. Weekly; CB = L.A. CityBeat)


Avg – RT – MC
84.5 – 8980The Simpsons Movie LAT ‘safer’LAW ‘Go’CB ‘hilarious’
73.0 – 8066Moliere LAT ‘pushy’LAW ‘Go’CB ‘trifle’
65.0 – 6466Arctic Tale LAT ‘schmaltzy’LAW ‘Go’
46.0 – 4250No Reservations LAT ‘one-dimensional’LAW ‘Go’CB ‘unsteady’
14.0 – 1018Who’s Your Caddy? LAT ‘smart’LAW ‘terrible’
11.0 – 0616I Know Who Killed Me LAT ‘tawdry’LAW ‘Go’


92.5 – 9788Once ChiTrib ‘my favorite music film since Stop Making Sense’
87.0 – 9381Hairspray ChiReader ‘period-perfect pop score’
73.0 – 7868Talk to Me Var ‘A blow-out soundtrack of great tunes from the era’
70.5 – 7566La Vie en Rose NYDN ‘killer finale with Cotillard perfectly lip-synching’
37.5 – 2847El Cantante LAT ‘nothing special. Well, the music is.’


Saturday, Eisenstein’s watershed silent epic, Battleship Potemkin, plays at both the Billy Wilder at the Hammer and at the Steve Allen Theater, with both screenings accompanied by live music. Also, Coen Brothers comedy double bill of The Big Lebowski and The Hudsucker Proxy at the New Beverly on Friday and Saturday. And I must say I’m intrigued by Julie Delpy’s upcoming feature directorial debut, 2 Days in Paris, which advance screens at the Arclight on Tuesday, August 7, with both Delpy and co-star Adam Goldberg participating in a Q&A.


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