This Week’s Recommended Releases, 8/15/07

What’ve we got this week? Fog’s Ditherer. I’ve been a Fog fan since running into Ether Teeth at summer camp one year (Jews and indie rock?! Who knew?), and while the band’s albums aren’t always the most consistent, there’re always a few stand-out tracks. So I was a little surprised as Ditherer kept playing and song after song kept…sounding…great. It’s probably due to the increased attention to noisy guitars and, well, trying to be a straightforward, Radiohead-loving indie-rock band. I loved ’em when they were doing experimental lo-fi folk beat-making, but sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

Fog – “Your Beef is Mine”: mp3

By the way, fellas, there’s an amazing but very NSFW lyric in this song at the 3:38 mark. Just lookin’ out for ya.

(Ditherer is out now in the U.K. on Lex Records. Buy an import!)

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