Cuban Linx #33: Q-Tip, Wilco, Etc.

Been a while. Sorry dudes, had to take a break from Google Reader for a minute or I would’ve gone crazy. Aaaaaand we’re back:

Q-Tip talks to and (in a very lengthy interview) with Status Ain’t Hood about his upcoming album, Renaissance – his first release in eight years. He’s scrapped two albums in that time, Open and Kamaal the Abstract, both of which are illegally but freely available online if you know where to look. Are they any good? I haven’t heard ’em yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

It’s Speed of Dark’s first anniversary, and they celebrate (as blogs are wont to do) with a mix.

Easily Fooled writes about that Wilco show in L.A. that I missed because I’m on the wrong coast. The last time they were in town, I had the flu. Someday, Jeff Tweedy!

Song, By Toad discovers the Left Banke. Considering they’re the best band that no one’s ever heard of, you should too!

And finally, P4k drops a much-deserved 9.0 on Jens Lekman’s triumphant Night Falls Over Kortedala. Marc, send me your address and I’ll seriously send you a fruit basket in the mail. The rest of you guys can read my thoughts on the record here.


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