I Gotta Get Ready For the Thursday Fight

Frank Gore and Donovan McNabb on their way to breaking every bone in their body and sending my fantasy team into a tailspin.

I have “Samurai” Mike Singletary’s verse from “The Super Bowl Shuffle” memorized. My two fantasy football teams are ready to go. We got the soundsystem hooked up for the Monday Night Football game between my beloved Niners and Cardinals.

Bring on the NFL season. [Continue reading…]

This season also marks the the first time I’ve dabbled in the wide world of fantasy football. I’m pretty excited, as I have my boy Frank Gore and Donovan McNabb on the same team. Hopefully, neither one of them will break their legs this year. For that wonderful tandem I’ll have to thank Dave Rawkblog as he blissfully wasted the second pick in the draft on Maurice Jones-Drew, opening up the opportunity for managers below him to grab the likes of Stephen Jackson, Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, and of course Frank Gore. Thanks Dave. (Editor’s note: Thank me after T.O. scores three touchdowns this week, bro.)

This Thursday night the red-hot New Orleans Saints take on the defending champion Indianapolis Colts in what should be an explosive kickoff of of the 2007 NFL season. Thank you for this wonderful matchup, Football Gods. This season should be an exciting one, as there are plenty of question marks in the air before it even starts. Which of the rising teams in the NFC West will take the crown? Is it truly the end of the Patriots dynasty? How many more color combinations can John Madden make with his ties and mustard?

Kickoff is less than a few hours away but I’m already giddy at the thoughts of Peyton Manning bombing a pass to Marvin Harrison on a post route, LaDainian Tomlinson cutting through a defensive line like a hot knife through butter, and seeing Rex Grossman drop another snap.

Let it be Thursday night already. Please.

The season opens this Thursday night on NBC at 8:30 ET between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Joseph Addai will run about 50 slant routes and Reggie Bush will spin in circles on each play and get two yards. 38-31, Colts.


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