Live: Clipse @ Columbia University, 9.01.07

All photos by David Greenwald

This was an incredible show on so many levels. First, seeing the Clipse at 4 p.m. on a sun-drenched afternoon at a college campus was just surreal – almost as surreal as seeing a quad full of 18-year-old freshman hipsters. So much has changed since I was a freshman in college, before Garden State and The O.C. made it cool to be “indie” – now everyone’s a hipster. Which is a good thing, I guess, though I feel like I’m going to end up spending the next couple years recounting the good old days before OiNK and Natalie Portman to kids with sloppy haircuts and black jeans. But anyway, the Clipse! Dudes are consumate showmen. They ran through most of Hell Hath No Fury (“Let’s give ’em some new shit.” “Some of that Hell Hath No Fury shit?”) and closed with an epic performance of “Grindin.'” They also talked about how gangsta they were (“‘Keys Open Doors?’ That’s one of the hardest records ever, man!” No argument here.) and complained about their record sales. Oh, and they dropped lyrics about college bitches (“Ride Around Shining”) while said bitches danced around unknowingly with big smiles on their faces. Word.

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I philosophize about locks and keys / they call me young black…Sophocles?


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