Poll: How Much Will You Pay for the New Radiohead?

O rly?

Well, it looks like that small revolution we were waiting for is finally here. I blogged some time ago that bands should let us establish our own prices for downloading albums; in the Bit Torrent world of infinite free records, anything less than a negotiated price seems like a market failure. Radiohead apparently agreed with me, as they’ve now answered all the questions about their new record.

Title: In Rainbows
Release date: 10 October
Media: Vinyl, disc, digital
Price: Whatever you want

So this is my question to you, o befuddled masses at the whim of the Most Important Band Still Making Records: How much are you going to pay? I’m going to wait to download the leak first, then determine whether it’s worth money. But you guys can battle it out/discuss this exciting development in the comments.

(In case you can’t stand the anticipation, Dave posted the best bootlegs of the In Rainbows songs here. And if you were wondering, he came out to my DJ gig today and he seems to be doing well. He asked for romantic dinner suggestions. I don’t know whom he was planning to go to dinner with. Maybe his grandma.)