Poll: What’s Your Ringtone?

I always preferred analog ringtones to digital. (Shot by thatjonesboy)

The song you pick for your ringtone has to have a special place in your heart, because – let’s face it – hearing it all the damn time is going to ruin the song for you otherwise. Mine is the opening 4 bars of “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5. That piano glissando and Morse Code guitar are just a perfect announcement that someone wants to talk to me.

I emailed a bunch of bloggers to see what their cell phones were bumping. Here’s what I got back.

Name: Jen
Blog: TheMusicSlut.com
Ringtone: Song 2, Blur
Why: Well besides the fact that I am a huge Blur fan, I wanted something a bit shocking to make me hear the ring. Starting off with “WOOHOO”, the tone is definitely shocking.

Name: Matt
Blog: TheMusicSlut.com
Ringtone: Depeche Mode, Just Can’t Get Enough
Why: New wave plus ringtones equals ecstasy.

Name: Greg
Blog: Panda Toes
Ringtone: Soulja Boy – “Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Cousin Cole Remix)”
Why: My enormous roommate who listens to exclusively hip-hop and scrawny one who only likes electronic music both like this song. I’m a peacemaker, man. Just go ahead and give me a Nobel Prize.

Name: Mike/Disaster
Blog: http://www.missingtoof.com
Ringtone: Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating
Why: Cuz that shit is bangin’ son!

Name: Croft
Blog: getweirdturnpro
Ringtone: The Theme From The Good The Bad and The Ugly by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra
Why: Because I’m a Cowboy.

Name: The Duke
Blog: The Late Greats
Ringtone: I don’t have a cell phone.

(There’s always one, isn’t there?)

Want to play? Leave yours in the comments.