This Week’s Recommended Releases, 9/11: Arizona, The Good Life

So, Perez Hilton’s TV show debates tonight. Yes, on 9/11. I promised myself I wasn’t going to make any “national tragedy” jokes today so I’m just going to post songs and wish Mr. Nick Rudeman a happy birthday.

There’s a lot out this week – Kanye West, Go! Team, Pinback – and I’ll confess to having heard absolutely none of it, so I’ll just implore to you check out Arizona’s stellar Fameseeker and the Mono EP, their follow-up to last year’s I Guess I’m Floating-approved debut full-length. It’s folky and a little crazy and I already wrote a much longer review of it on Cokemachineglow, so I recommend reading that, too.

Arizona – “Thimble”: mp3

(Fameseeker and the Mono is out now; it is self-released and you can buy it from EMusic, where it’s apparently been available for months. Sheesh.)

And then there’s the Saddle Creek-released Help Wanted Nights, the Good Life’s latest outing. Get a taste below and look for a review later this week.

The Good Life – “Heartbroke”: mp3

EDIT: Motherfucking Strawberry Jam is out today! But I’m sure you’ve heard how good that it is.


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