You’re Only Coming Out Because You Came Back In

Let’s be honest, fellas: Kevin Drew’s never been much of a lyricist. It’s not that he doesn’t try – it’s just that sometimes he sounds like those unfortunate occasions when your Dane Cook-loving frat brothers would read poetry at open mic nights. As much as I appreciate the cleverness of Broken Social Scene songs such as “I’m Still Your Fag,” half the gravity comes from the weight of his band’s thick soundscapes. “Tbtf,” the first track from his “solo” album, Spirit If… has the BSS magic all right, all shimmering instruments and indiscernible distortions. But the words? For whatever reason, the line “you’re too beautiful to fuck” is delivered more dourly than mail from a disgruntled postal worker. Then again, dude’s dating Feist and maybe he’s just being sweet. Or at least trying to. “Safety Bricks” rocks, though.

Kevin Drew – “Tbtf”: mp3
Kevin Drew – “Safety Bricks”: mp3

(Broken Social Scene Presents: Spirit If… is out now on Arts & Crafts)


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