Hey, folks. We know we’re not the only blog (or site, or Web 2.0 start-up) around, so below you’ll find a listing of a few of our favorites. Please give special attention to the live music/bootlegs listings: There’s an abundance of great legal, live recordings out there. And feel free to support L.A.’s burgeoning music blog scene.

Dave Rawkblog | Bands/Artists List

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Autumn Tone | Catbird Records | JAXart

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LAist | Losanjealous | Racked LA

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Flavorpill LA | Oh My Rockness | | Songkick

Live Music/Bootlegs: | Daytrotter | Mount Eerie Preservation Society (The Microphones) | NYC Taper | Ryan Adams Archive | Trash Treasury (Elliott Smith) | Via Chicago (Wilco)

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Cokemachineglow | New York Times: Movies | Vulture (New York Magazine)

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