New Ravens & Chimes: "So Long, Marianne"

Photo courtesy Better Looking Records

In anticipation of their lauded (by me, at least) debut Reichenbach Falls, New York rockers Ravens & Chimes are passing around a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “So Long, Marianne,” a classic from the seminal Songs of Leonard Cohen. R&C’s revved-up version is a far cry from Cohen’s – dude’s entire body of work is minor-key acoustic waltzes, after all – but in turning the song into a spirited emo-ish anthem, they sacrifice none of the gravity of lines like “The angels forget to pray for us.”

Ravens & Chimes – “So Long, Marianne”: mp3
Leonard Cohen – “So Long, Marianne”: mp3

And from the album:

Ravens & Chimes – “January”: mp3

(Reichenbach Falls is due Oct. 9 on Better Looking Records)

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