Trent Reznor: OiNK Fan

From an interview in New York Magazine’s pop culture blog, The Vulture:

At the end of the day, what made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world’s greatest record store. Pretty much anything you could ever imagine, it was there, and it was there in the format you wanted. If OiNK cost anything, I would certainly have paid, but there isn’t the equivalent of that in the retail space right now. iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don’t feel cool when I go there. I’m tired of seeing John Mayer’s face pop up. I feel like I’m being hustled when I visit there, and I don’t think their product is that great. DRM, low bit rate, etc. Amazon has potential, but none of them get around the issue of pre-release leaks. And that’s what’s such a difficult puzzle at the moment. If your favorite band in the world has a leaked record out, do you listen to it or do you not listen to it? People on those boards, they’re grateful for the person that uploaded it — they’re the hero. They’re not stealing it because they’re going to make money off of it; they’re stealing it because they love the band. I’m not saying that I think OiNK is morally correct, but I do know that it existed because it filled a void of what people want.

Any of that sound familiar, folks? Granted I don’t give a shit about Nine Inch Nails, but dude’s certainly got the right idea. What do you think, dudes, did Reznor – now an admitted OiNK user – leak Year Zero? What if he leaked one of the transcodes and got a warning?

Ironically enough, Matthew “Give Bands All Your Money Like I (Maybe) Do” Perpetua writes for The Vulture and I hope to God he was somehow involved in this interview.


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