Whatever You Want

Photo courtesy of Labrador Records

It hasn’t been a banner year for indie pop (though I know a dude who might argue otherwise), so it’s with open arms that I welcome the new Club 8 record. Like a better Acid House Kings (Johan Angergård is a member of both bands) or a more shimmery Camera Obscura, The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming is all good vibes and jangling guitars. The ballads are polished, high-ceilinged afairs, with Karolina Komstedt’s whispery accent unfolding out into a room of strings on songs such as “Hopes and Dreams.” With its pattering bongos and purposeful bass line, “Heaven” apes “Young Folks” until it reaches a sunburst of a chorus. Thanks to Komstedt’s compelling voice and shifting instrumentation, each song is a gem. Indie pop AOTY? 2007 has three months to prove it otherwise.

Club 8 – “Whatever You Want”: mp3
Club 8 – “Heaven”: mp3

(The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming is out now on Labrador)


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