Cuban Linx: "The Office" on strike, Paste on the cheap, and kudos for Rawkblog

I don’t know what’s more depressing – the fact that The Office, like everybody else in TV land, is on strike, or that this video is funnier than last night’s episode.

Okay, read this out loud in your best informercial voice: For a limited time only, pay whatever you want for Paste! The music mag is taking a page (11 issues’ worth, in fact) from the Radiohead playbook and letting you pay whatever you want (except $0 – sorry dudes, it’s not the Internet) for a year’s subscription.

Self-promotion: The Rawking Refuses To Stop! has been nominated for Hey! Nielsen and’s first annual Best Music Blog Contest. If we win, we get a nifty t-shirt and a gift card (snazzy!), but honestly it’s an honor just to be nominated.


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