Live: Quasi @ The El Rey, 10.30.07

All photos by David Greenwald

I stumbled upon Quasi through frontman Sam Coomes’ connection with Elliott Smith – the two were in (the still largely unknown!) Heatmiser together, and Coomes played in Smith’s backing band on many occasions. Still others have likely encountered them via drummer Janet Weiss – Coomes’ ex-wife, and, y’know, the rhythm section for Sleater-Kinney. She now pounds the skins for Stephen Malkmus’ Jicks, but with S-K gone the way of the dinosaurs, it seems like Quasi’s become her outlet for the louder stuff.

In my mind, the band’s best work is behind them – that work being 1998’s Featuring “Birds,” which boasts such classics as “The Poisoned Well” and “I Never Want To See You Again,” both of which the band played tonight. The band’s taken on a noisier, bluesier sound which isn’t as charming as their old Built To Spill-with-keyboards style, but it was nice to finally see them. Especially since Ted Leo went on right after. More photos after the jump. [Continue reading…]


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