Head over to MySpace to hear three tracks from Ryan Adams’ fake metal band, Sleazy Handshake. My favorite is “Sexual Fantasy,” where Ryan – in full-blown Ozzy falsetto – sings “Come on, get on my nuts, oh lord!

More news: nothing official on the site yet, but rumor has it that his Ryness will be at UCLA’s Royce Hall on January 30. Mark your calendars. Also, my verdict on the Follow the Lights EP? It’s as blatantly Starbucks-y as he’s ever going to get, but the new version of “This Is It” is pretty stellar. Then again, I’m a Rock N Roll apologist. And a Starbucks apologist.

Update: A West Coast tour has been confirmed and Ryan is indeed playing at Royce. Peep the dates at Pitchfork.


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