Cuban Linx: Feist nominated for Best New Artist Grammy, entire universe scratches head; Laura Veirs speaks out

The Grammy noms went out this morning and aside from their usual groan-worthiness, this year’s picks offer one particularly strange choice: the nomination of Ms. Leslie Feist for Best New Artist. Now, though I was a bit down on this year’s The Reminder, I’m a big Feist fan – pretty much everybody is, right? Which is why I don’t understand how the Grammys can possibly forget the fact that she put out an album on INTERSCOPE RECORDS which SOLD OVER 100,000 COPIES oh, y’know, THREE YEARS AGO.

And that was her sophomore album! One would think that would make her ineligible.

Granted, the Grammz pull this kind of stuff all the time – David Gray was nominated a few years back in the wake of White Ladder, which was certainly his breakthrough album but also his fourth or fifth full-length. But Feist already broke through – The Reminder’s success shouldn’t surprise anyone in the industry who’s been to Starbucks or listened to KCRW in the last three years or so. But whatever. Better late than never, huh?

Also, Stereogum interviewed Rawkblog Best of 2007 candidate Laura Veirs and chatted her up about teaching music lessons. Wish I lived in Portland!

Laura Veirs – “Ocean Night Song”:


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