Cuban Linx: Wrapping Up 2007 Edition

Dudes/dudettes: Year-end lists are coming next week. Albums on Monday, tracks probably the rest of the week unless there’s a clamor for me to post 50+ MP3s in one day and totally nuke my bandwith.

I saw Richard Hawley last night and he was absolutely tremendous. Photos/review coming soon, probably Sunday.

Stereogum interviews my dudes the Acorn, crafters of 2007’s finest weirdo-folk album. Meanwhile, in the Gummy Awards, handsome fella Jens Lekman takes home the “male hottie” award and over in the ladies’ bracket, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark is underrated in the #3 spot. Girl is luminous. Not that I have a huge crush on her or anything.

Passion of the Weiss lists the best Los Angeles albums of 2007 and pretty much nailed it as soon as he mentioned the Broken West. We also both think Battles and M.I.A. are overrated but dude’s way more clever about it than I was.

Easily Fooled narrates Jon Brion and Nels Cline’s Dec. 8 performance, the day after I went.

Best of All Dept.: Said the Gramophone is doing a music video contest. The prize? Pretty much every good 2007 album (seriously), not to mention the Of Montreal back catalog. Win this sucker and you can feel less guilty about having OiNK’d everything already.

And in case you haven’t heard these yet, a 2008 preview from two of everybody’s favorite dudes:

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – “Baltimore”:
Destroyer – “Foam Hands”: mp3

Going to be an awesome year. See you on Sunday, fellas.


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