The Sporting Life: 2007 Year in Review

Who needs needs music when you have professional sports year-round to entertain, thrill, and provide you with all the drama you need in your daily lives?

Despite what a miserable year it has been for me as a Niners and Giants fan, I can say with certainty that it has been an exciting year for sports in general. It certainly hit its lows with Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, and Tim Donaghy (among others) making headlines off the field, but when the players did the talking with their swings, shots and tackles, we listened.

In this very special edition of The Sporting Life, we take a look back at the moments where we cheered, were amazed, and furiously text-messaged friends from 2007.

– The Warriors upset the Mavs in the NBA playoffs and make the NBA fun again
– Peyton Manning gets his due
– The Colorado Rockies make a run all the way to the World Series
– David Beckham comes to America
– BCS is due to be destroyed: Boise St. defeats Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and Hawaii runs the table
– Florida is the king of college sports
– The Patriots unite football fans everywhere while rampaging through the NFL like Godzilla through Tokyo
– College football’s CRAZY season

Happy New Year from all of us at the Rawkblog, and here’s to another UCLA March Madness run in 2008. What were your favorite sports moments this year?


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