Cuban Linx: Death Cab names album, Vampire Weekend backlash, Moz fires his roadie

Death Cab for Cutie has named their full-length follow-up to Plans: Narrow Stairs. It’s out in May, which is plenty of time to organize a write-in campaign to retitle it We Miss You, Seth Cohen!

The ever-picky Morrissey‘s roadie lasted exactly one day but lived to write about it.

Using a chart that they should hang on to for next week’s buzz band (or that they may have “borrowed” from a similar article on Tapes ‘N Tapes from a couple years back – in Rolling Stone? Can’t find it on Google), New York Magazine hilariously anticipates the tidal wave of backlash about to wash over Vampire Weekend, Braff soundtrack and all. Good thing we got in on the ground floor.

There are a number of fresh release dates and accompanying MP3s on the 2008 Release Calendar, including jamz from Crushed Stars and Headlights.


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