Cuban Linx: Hotel Cafe Tour, More Lists, Radiohead MP3s

L.A. institution the Hotel Cafe announced the fourth annual tour of the same name, this time featuring Ingrid Michaelson and UCLA alum (and iTunes fave) Sara Bareilles, among others.

If you’re not sick of 2007 (or LOLCD Soundsystem or Borecade Fire — look, I’m Perez Hilton!) yet, a few big lists dropped recently: You Ain’t No Picasso, I Guess I’m Floating and Buzz Bands, the latter of which points out the year’s best L.A. albums, too. And while we’re on the subject, Stereogum has the new video for Thurston Moore’s truly awesome “Fri/End,” one of my top 63 songs of 2007.

Bradley’s Almanac has the MP3s from Radiohead’s New Year’s webcast.


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